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ace|PLAY : Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some frequently asked questions about ace|PLAY

How do I earn Points?

Slot Play: $1 played = 1 point
Video Poker: $2 played (or more) = 1 point, dependent upon game
Table Games: Based upon average bet, time on the game, and game

What are my points worth?

With "Your Points. Your Way." you can use your points in any combination:

600 Points = $1 Cash
500 Points = $1 Slot Play / Bingo at both Arizona Charlie's properties / Keno at Arizona Charlie's Decatur
300 Points = $1 Comp

It's really up to you and how you like to use your points on any given day.

Who gets Increased Point Multipliers?

ace|PLAY orange, green and red level members get a point multiplier every day. The ace|PLAY orange level receives 2X points, green receives 3X points and red receives 4X points. With these extra multipliers every day, you will see your points grow quickly.

How do I earn comps?

There are two ways you can earn comps for your play. Players earn R&S Comps on their race and sportsbook bets. Players also earn points playing all other games and those points can be used for comps at a rate of 300 points to $1.

What about Table Game players?

If you're a table game player, you can participate and get all of the benefits of ace|PLAY. You receive points and point multipliers based on your ace|PLAY level, and you can use your points for Cash, Slot Play and/or Comps.

What is the ace|PLAY red and green ace|PLAY dividend?

The dividend is a new award of extra points earned by ace|PLAY red and green members who maintain or exceed their ace|PLAY level during their evaluation period. The more you play, the bigger your dividend. Once the dividend points are claimed, players can use these points for Cash, Slot Play and/or Comps. Check your Account Snapshot for details.

How many Tier Credits do I need to achieve each level?

Only 10 Tier Credits = ace|PLAY orange
100 Tier Credits = ace|PLAY green
250 Tier Credits = ace|PLAY red
Check your Account Snapshot for details.

How often is my ace|PLAY level membership evaluated?

We evaluate your membership on the 16th of the month, and it depends on the month you joined ace|PLAY. Just check your Account Snapshot. Non-Local every 12 months, Local every 4 months.

Are my Tier Credits and points recognized at each of the Participating properties?

Yes, absolutely. This is one of the key benefits of ace|PLAY. Your benefits follow you wherever and whenever you play in any of these casinos: Aquarius Casino Resort in Laughlin, Arizona Charlie's Boulder, Arizona Charlie's Decatur, and Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower in Las Vegas.

Do my benefits include dining discounts?

All ace|PLAY members get a 10% discount at participating restaurants. ace|PLAY orange, green and red level players get a 25% buffet discount. ace|PLAY blue level players get a 10% buffet discount.

Where can I find information about my account?

We are making it even easier for you to check your Point Balance, Tier Credit progress and available awards by making your “Account Snapshot” available in multiple locations:
2. ace|PLAY Center
3. ace|PLAY kiosks

What are Tier Credits?

Tier credits are how you know where you stand in the ace|PLAY program. They are the measurement that determines a player's ace|PLAY card level. Check your Account Snapshot for details.

How do I earn Tier Credits?

It is all about the gamble. The riskier the game you play, the faster you will earn tier credits. Let's say you played video poker and penny slots when you came in today. You will earn tier credits on both machines, but because penny slots are a bigger gamble, you will earn tier credits faster on penny slot machines than the video poker machines. You can check your Tier Credit progress in the following locations:
ace|PLAY kiosks
ace|PLAY Center

Get in the Game
with ace|PLAY
Points are easy to earn playing slots or table games with our everyday point multipliers. ace|PLAY red cardholders receive 4X points, green cardholders receive 3X points and orange cardholders receive 2X points all day, every day. You decide how to redeem your points. You can use them for cash, slot play or comps at any of our properties for a remarkable range of entertainment options including renowned restaurants and bars to one-of-a-kind shows and attractions.
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Streamlined Access. Generous Program Benefits. Exciting Dividend Opportunities.
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